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Drawing on a number of specific examples, the contributors to this volume illustrate the diversity of issues that arise in looking at the relationship between comics and literature.

Monika Schmitz-Emans, Bianca Lipp, Empfohlenes Lesealter: 16 - 99 Jahre. Geeignet f r reife Leserinnen und Leser.

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Ralf Stumpp, Sabine Fiedler, Carina Wurmshuber, Barbara Kainz, Serkan Ince, Johannes Kolb, Christian Norbert, Zum vierten Mal wird Affleck in die Rolle des Batman Der Regisseur hat Das AMC-Flaggschiff startet im So how can this newfound interest in comics be explained? And why do we need a new term for something so old or, at the least, something so familiar?

It probably has to do with the poor reputation which comics have been unable to shake off to this very day. Comics are often equated with silly stories, clown noses, Disney figures and low-brow language.

Literature of the Holocaust

We could call graphic novels the other kind of comics. Their format resembles that of a book including editions in hardback , and they always have more than the 22 or 48 pages common to the American or Franco-Belgian comics.

Frequently, they are printed in black-and-white in order to lower costs, although that is not the only reason. Eddie Cambell has another way of looking at the issue. Cambell, the artist of the graphic novel From Hell published in Germany by Cross Cult about the Jack the Ripper murders in 19th century London, characterizes the graphic novel rather as a kind of comics movement that certain artists and writers adhere to than as a discrete art form.

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The graphic novel clearly aspires to become something more than genre fiction, and those works which are of especially high merit do achieve a status equal in importance to film and literature. Many of the artists and authors are — or, at least, were — dissatisfied with the general level of the medium. The graphic novelist, however, wants to raise the comic to a new level.


11 - The Worldliness of Graphic Narrative

The majority of graphic novels are thus born out of the desire to tell stories, instead of to reap profits — and that is precisely what constitutes the allure of this type of comic. Since, for the time being and with few exceptions, there is little or no money to be had with the publication of a graphic novel, the authors see no reason to compromise and instead strive for the greatest possible authenticity. The essential differences from market-dominating comics lie in both the type of stories graphic novels tell and in the way they explore the visual possibilities of the art form, as can be witnessed by their highly diverse artistic styles.

In what is probably the most well-known graphic novel, Maus , awarded a Pulitzer Prize in , Art Spiegelman transfers the Holocaust experiences of his father and the effects they had upon his life and the life of his son to the medium of the comic. Spiegelman addressed his subject by means of anthropomorphic animals: Jews are mice, the Germans cats, and the French wife a frog.

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Only in a comic is such a clever maneuver feasible. In her graphic novel Persepolis issued in Germany in two volumes by Edition Moderne , which has also been adapted as an animated film, Mariane Satrapi narrates her growing up in Iran following the Islamic Revolution. Guy Delisle seduces the reader with his unique travelogues Shenzen , Pyongyang , or Burma Chronicles all issued in Germany by Reprodukt , all countries that one for the most part only hears about in the news.


In addition to these two titles there is a great number of wonderful graphic novels, not only by non-German authors. These artists largely created their work in art school as part of their final projects, and in the humanities as well a growing number of students are choosing to write on comics for their M. Comics and graphic novels can doubtlessly provide compelling and authentic stories for a sophisticated audience. To learn more about graphic novels, we encourage you to visit www.