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By Miguel J Latronica.


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Marjorie Garber on Bisexuality

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We're poly's; I'm a bi male and my wife is straight. By straight I mean just that: she's not a homophobe at all and loves hanging out with other women, and will also kiss and cuddle, but she's not into anything below the skirt; it just doesn't turn her crank. Our lover is another man -- I like what I find in his pants, and so does she, and he likes what he finds in ours -- and we're all giddy happy. Sometimes she has sex alone with him, sometimes I do, sometimes we all have sex together, and sometimes nobody has sex with anybody else and we have fun just laughing and hanging out.

Maybe it's just us but this works really well; besides the sex we balance each other better than any two could on our own. He's naturally wilder than me so those two can get rip-roaring drunk and stay up all night getting into trouble. Despite that he's wilder I still love to play but keep those two from, say, ending up in jail yes - they're that crazy. Conversely, either alone or together, they bring out my fun side.

I don't know why people are so hung up on monogamy though I also don't understand why people study poly so much. I sometimes like to read articles and I'll write, sometimes, when stumbling across one like this where it may be helpful. Men -- assuming your wife is into it -- get over it and bring in another man!! With the right man those jealous feelings will go away quickly, if they show up at all, and you'd be surprised how much fun things can be. I see that the capcha -- the random letters you need to type to prove you're human and post this -- is wkeBj.

Maybe it's my dirty mind but I'll take that as a sign that the gods of random internet happenings agree somebody can benefit from this advice.

I'm A Bisexual Chinese American Woman — That Doesn't Make Me "Leftover"

Congratulations M, you sound like you hit the jackpot with your wife and your boyfriend! Many poly folks look for such a fun and easy relationship and often find it difficult to establish or maintain. It sounds like things are really working for you, and your own willingness to open your relationship to a man has really paid off.

In fact, you express your idea so well and it is such an under-represented idea that I would like to quote you when I write on men in poly relationships -- is that OK? May I have your permission to quote your comment? Quote away. One thing I forgot in my original post, because I assumed it's obvious, is my wife and I still have a great life together on our own too. By life I mean the whole thing: sex life, fun times alone talking and playing, even goofing around about the normal stressors that married people have.

I don't like using terms like "third" because that implies some hierarchy where we don't do that: we all care about about one another. But we do still manage to keep up the "normal" stuff that married couples are expected to deal with, like school conferences yeah, we have kids - and, yeah, they know , work parties, remembering to pay the bills, and all the rest. This post is a few years old, but I just found it today.

I wanted to tell you about our family. I am a bisexual man and in a commited relationship with another bi man and a hetero woman.

The Fantasy Files: 6 Erotic Sex Stories, Vol. 1

We have been together for over 15 years now. We have 3 children the middle one mine and I have been there from the beginning of their lives. Our relationship started off quite unexpectedly. He is my best friend, and I was living with him and his wife. One day he asked me about some some I wasn't out to anyone and I'm still not outside oyr family, but only because I don't think it's anyone elses concern , but I had to admit that yes, I like men too. Some time later, I was approached by he and his wife that they wanted to try a threesom her idea.

It was a bit awkward the first time. Eventually we got a bit more comfortable with the situation. And as that happened, the Dynamic of our feelings changed as well. What started off as a casual experiment started to turn into a loving relationship. Our relationship changed from one of close friends to one of a loving family.

Eventually they invited me to be a second husband. During this time, he allso confided that he was curious about bisexuality. So time passed. We had ups and downs. We have had on times and off times though I always lived there. We have shaired one bed, and I've had my own room. For the last several years I've had my own room and that works better I snore a lot.

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To the outside world I am the "Uncle" and best friend. To the kids I am uncle. This is necessary for our public lives, and I am ok with it. We are in a good place.

What is sexuality?

We all work to maintain the household. The children are loved by all.

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We are even concerning adding another women and transitioning from a poly faimly to a line marage a great example of how line marriages work can be found in Robert Heinlein's novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. So, that is a long way of saying it's not just about sex. In fact, like many families with busy lives and kids, there can be long stretches where it doesn't happen at all. I hope this helps add perspective to people who are trying to understand how this works.

Thanks for telling me about your family -- very interesting. How old are the kids?

I don't call myself bisexual – I let my stories tell themselves

Do you and your partners identify as polyamorous? Both romantic and wild, The Fantasy Files contains sex stories just about everyone can enjoy. Stories Include: Bachelorette Party Gone Good Wild girl friends throw a blowout bash and one gets trouble into them deep. Awkward Chance Encounters When you meet someone online, they are not always what or who they seem to be…they can be even better! Experimenting With Good Friends Heather is my best friend. But when she went off to college she comes home to teach me a new meaning for BFF. Big Apple Excitement When a small town girls goes to the big city, she finds herself manhandling a stripper and blowing her boyfriends mind.

Ashlind, Erotica Weekly "So many erotic sex stories try too hard to go for shock value, jumping straight to sex and skipping the erotic part. Author Lisa Alpina get's it right the first time with this collection.