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Although the floods could bring destruction, they also brought new soil and new life. Osiris was an Egyptian god of life, death, fertility and rebirth of plant life along the Nile. Sopdet — who might have an even closer association with the star Sirius — began as an agricultural deity in Egypt, also closely associated with the Nile.

The Egyptian new year was celebrated with a festival known as The Coming of Sopdet. The prince and his four brothers, along with Svana, set out on a long and arduous journey to find the kingdom of heaven. However, one by one the brothers all abandoned the search until only Yudhistira and his dog, Svana, were left. At long last they came to the gates of heaven. The gatekeeper, Indra, welcomed the prince but denied Svana entrance.

Yudhistira was aghast and told Indra that he could not forsake his good and faithful servant and friend. But Svana, who had given his heart freely, chose to follow none but Yudhistira. The prince said that, without his dog, he would forsake even heaven. This is what Indra had wanted to hear, and then he welcomed both the prince and the dog through the gates of heaven.

Sopdet, the ancient Egyptian personification of the star Sirius. Astronomers express the brightness of stars in terms of stellar magnitude. The smaller the number, the brighter the star. The visual magnitude of Sirius is There are brighter stars than Sirius in terms of actual energy and light output, but they are farther away and hence appear dimmer.

Normally, the only objects that outshine Sirius in our heavens are the sun, moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury and usually Sirius outshines Mercury, too.

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This is a image composite, spaced 30 seconds apart. It can be seen from latitudes like those of the southern U.

The lines are drawn in geometric patterns and distinct animal shapes.

The third-brightest and, as it happens, the closest major star to our sun is Alpha Centauri. A light-year, by the way, is nearly 6 trillion miles! The pacing is a lot faster than Iris, especially towards the ending when you feel like everything is life-or-death. And, in fact, there is quite a major death, one that left me personally reeling for days. We also finally get some answers about what we were contemplating in the first book.

While we might have guessed some things, or at least tried to, we finally get proof in Kholvaria. Andrew Gates proves once again that he is a master of world building and suspense. A must read for scifi fans everywhere. Format: Paperback. This book was so exciting to read! Very much an action adventure book, with some political and family themes woven in. I liked how the author strategically filled in readers on what's happening in the world on a need-to-know basis.

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Kept me very engaged and constantly asking questions. And I have to say without spoiling anything that I love love love one of the settings in the book!! I was like "holy cow they are in !!!! This book has quite a few powerful moments that had me talking to myself. Fantastic sequel to Iris.

I appreciate it came out less than a year after the first book. Love an author who releases books at a good pace. Looking forward to the next one. One person found this helpful. Can't wait for Book 3. This the second book in the series from this author. I am not generally a science fiction reader but I found this series to be extremely compelling. The story never slows down and I looked forward to getting back into it.

If you read the first book, Iris, there is an unexpected turn of events in this one that may make you gasp!

One Another: Building Up One Another

But I won't be a spoiler. You will not be disappointed with this book. See all 4 customer reviews. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Feeling moved by the music and surroundings, she closes her eyes in quiet meditation, and then the world gets dark.

We’ll Always Have Sky City

She wakes up in the same place, but a very different time…. Passionate about the space where history, music, and travel meet, Heather Teysko is known for her popular podcast, The Renaissance English History Podcast. She lives in Spain where she writes and chases stories about history and choral music. Forced into a marriage she neither anticipated nor desired, Guinevere finds herself High Queen, ruling and fighting alongside Arthur as they try to subdue the Saxons, Irish and Picts who threaten Britain from every direction.

Though her heart still longs for her lost love, Guinevere slowly grows to care for her husband as they join together to defeat their enemies. Meanwhile, within the walls of Camelot their closest allies plot against them. One schemes to make Guinevere his own, another seeks revenge for past transgressions, while a third fixes her eyes on the throne. Amid this tension a new challenge arises for the king and queen of Camelot: finding the Holy Grail, a sacred relic that promises lasting unity.

But peace, as they will soon learn, can be just as dangerous as war.

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Nicole Evelina is a St. Louis historical fiction and romantic comedy writer. Nicole is one of only six authors who completed a week-long writing intensive taught by 1 New York Times bestselling author Deborah Harkness.

She spent 15 years researching Arthurian legend, Celtic Britain and the various peoples, cultures and religious practices that shaped the country after the withdrawal of Rome. Other historical interests include the Middle Ages and women who made their mark on history. And Edward, though captivated by the lovely Daphne, has his own hurdles he must overcome. Can Richard come to terms with his title before bringing ruin on his family?

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Will Edward and Daphne find their way to each other despite the obstacles of life at Hembry Castle? When It Rained at Hembry Castle is a page-turning, romantic novel with vivid characters and an engrossing story that will keep you guessing until the end. Visit Meredith online at www. Political murder. Sexual intrigue. Joanna is uncomfortable serving the King whom she has twice attempted to overthrow—unbeknownst to him.

She fears for her life in a court bursting with hidden agendas and a casual disregard for the virtues she holds dear. And her suspicions are confirmed when an assassin attempts to kill her moments after arriving at Whitehall. Struggling to stay ahead of her most formidable enemy, an unknown one, she becomes entangled in dangerous court politics.

Set in a world of royal banquets and feasts, tournament jousts, ship voyages, and Tower Hill executions, this vivid and illuminating tale follows Joanna, as she attempts to decide the life she wants to live: nun or wife, spy or subject, rebel or courtier.