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The reason why Jason is unable to rule is because of his drinking problems. He took to drinking because he left Medea for Glauce, bitter with jealousy, Medea killed Glauce and Jason's children. During the party, Jason sees the horned figure again, but then it disappears. As he goes to get a drink from the barrel, a man leaps from the barrel and more break in through the windows. As a fight ensues, the horned figure comes and steals the Golden Fleece. Hercules identifies them as Hera's warriors. Iolaus tells the other that he tracked them to the harbor, where they were sailing east.

Hercules says they will get the Fleece back and that he wants Jason to navigate the Argo. As they sail off in the Argo, the regent, Marcus meets with a priestess of Hera, who gives him a bag in case Hercules and the Argonauts succeed in regaining the Fleece. When the ship reaches land, they catch up with Hera's men and prepare to attack. Jason leads the attack on the camp, as they fight, their leader the man in the horned helmet, flees. Jason follows and the two men fight. As the leader is about to kill Jason, Hercules appears and stops him throwing him across the forest and he flees up a tree.

After the fight, one of the Argonauts is found with a stab wound in the back. Artemus says he will kill Jason, before he gets anyone else killed. Hera's men take the Fleece into the side of a volcano, Jason says he will go in after the Fleece by himself, but he insists they all came together, so they will finish it together. As they enter the cavern, they are confronted by the horned man again, Hercules says, "Take off your mask, Castor".

The man removes the mask and reveals himself to be Castor. Castor, consumed with jealousy, after Jason had retrieved the Golden Fleece ten years earlier, he became the demon plaguing Jason's nightmares. A fight breaks out and the two sides side each other. Meanwhile, the volcano is close to eruption as Jason retrieves the Fleece, but then stops to save Artemus' life and Castor leaves with the Fleece for the second time.

With the volcano due to erupt, Hercules suggest they leave and go back to Argos. Fire had to be fought with fire: Zimbabweans should not listen to complaints about democratic abuse and interference with the rule of law.

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This was a raw power struggle in which democratic norms came second to redressing gross injustice. His black critics were playing into the hands of the whites. Mugabe is born in what was then British-ruled Southern Rhodesia.

Once a hero, now a villain; vet charged with crime spree still behind bars

During the s and 50s he teaches in Zambia and Ghana, where he is influenced by African independence movement leaders. After campaigning for Zimbabwe's independence, he is imprisoned for political agitation.

While incarcerated, he earns two law degrees from the University of London. Released from prison, he escapes to Mozambique where Zimbabwe African National Union guerrilla fighters elect him to lead their struggle against white minority rule. Mugabe's Zanu-PF party wins independent Zimbabwe's first election and he takes office as prime minister. Mugabe deploys North Korean-trained troops to crush an insurgency by former guerrillas loyal to his liberation war rival Joshua Nkomo. Government forces are accused of involvement in the killing of 20, civilians, which Mugabe denies.

Mugabe becomes president with sweeping executive powers after changes to the constitution and signs a unity pact with Nkomo, who becomes one of his two deputies. In , Zanu-PF and Mugabe win further parliamentary and presidential elections. Zimbabweans reject a new constitution in a referendum, Mugabe's first defeat at the ballot box. Thousands of independence war veterans and their allies, backed by the government, seize white-owned farms, saying the land was illegally appropriated by white settlers.

The US puts a financial freeze on Mugabe's government in response to land seizures, beginning a wave of sanctions against his regime. Mugabe wins a disputed presidential vote, which observers condemn as flawed. Zimbabwe is suspended from the British Commonwealth over accusations of human rights abuses and economic mismanagement. Hyperinflation reaches bn per cent, forcing millions of people to leave the country. Until recently, a trial had been set for this month in Will.

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The victims in each case either could not be reached or declined to comment for this story. When Morales spoke to the Sun-Times in December, he was still considering his legal options.

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Regardless, Morales said he wants to get further treatment for his post-traumatic stress disorder. When he leaves prison, he said he also wants to talk to veterans. Know about breaking news as it happens. We follow the stories and update you as they develop. While double-digit temperatures may be balmy by Chicago standards, cold fronts this early in the season could be particularly challenging for the more than 80, Chicagoans experiencing homelessness.

At least two lanes were closed as state police investigate the crash, officials said. Ronald G. Brewer is accused of driving a year-old boy from East Chicago to Gary after recovering his stolen Lexus. The fire started on a roof in the block of West Briar Place and was struck out after about 10 minutes, fire officials said. By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Dear Abby Horoscopes Lifestyles. Music Theater Stages.

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Real Estate Technology Working. Filed under: News Chicago Crime. Once a hero, now a villain; vet charged with crime spree still behind bars. Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. Some people see Juan Morales as a hero. Graciela Morales said her family believes her brother must pay a price for his actions.

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  4. Today, Juan Morales has two boys of his own, ages 14 and 5. He said he had an easier time going back to Afghanistan. He also wore a knee brace on his left leg, police said. Now, the trial in Will County has been canceled. He wants to help them avoid the turn his life story has taken.