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The program offers organized tours, but also enough free time to look into local neighborhoods. A great program for those who like walking investigating history. Our tour leader, Covadonga, was the best part of the trip. While all of the educational visits and lectures were interesting and valuable, I felt that she contributed so many insights that made the visit special. I have been to Spain many times but not for many years.

I thought that this was a much more comprehensive experience than any of my previous trips. Sometimes a guided visit is better than just wandering off on your own. Southern Spain is fascinating and beautiful, and this trip makes the most of it. The guides and lecturers were excellent, the hotels top notch, the food delicious. There is a lot of walking, but always through intriguing cities, terrific museums and beautiful palaces. I highly recommend this trip! Each day I asked myself if I could accomplish so much by myself.

The answer was always "no". Each day contained activities that were obvious but also many that were more intimate than I could have arranged. I enjoyed every day's activities. This trip allowed us to experience the art, history, culture and cuisine of southern Spain. The program was led by Rocio, a friendly and well-organized group leader. Overall an excellent program Lots of history of the Moorish influence in Southern Spain.

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Enjoyed the classes about the culture of the S. Spanish people and their lives ie. If you are interested to learn how different religions can coexist in peace, this program will be instructive. Hopefully, in the future that dream will come true. In addition, you will be treated to the most beautiful contributions made by Jew, Muslims and Christians.

The museums weren't too shabby either. This is a really nice tour to learn about Southern Spain! Because of the heat, probably would not recommend it for summer. The superbly-organized details of this trip maximized our group's experience of the beauty, history, food and culture of Spain. I could not recommend this trip more. All address fields should be selected! Full name should be provided!

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Southern Spain Yesterday & Today: Madrid, Granada & Seville

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Flights start at Travel Information. Wishlist Share. At a Glance Glorious Gothic cathedrals, intricately detailed synagogues, traditional Moorish neighborhoods and ancient Roman ruins: The icons of Southern Spain are a testament to its distinct history of conquest, culture and art. Discover the unique legacy and exuberant modern life in Madrid, Granada and Seville through expert-led walks, lectures and excursions. Join us to learn about some of the most diverse and exciting cities in all of Europe. Let's Go! Our Flex learning adventures offer more flexible schedules than our traditional programs, with ample independent time and several meals on your own.

Enjoy the camaraderie of the group while also getting time to explore on your own. Best of all, you'll Spend an exciting evening seeing Flamenco Dance in Seville. General Notes Program includes independent time to explore the city and several meals on your own. Group Leaders will provide directions for self-directed excursions.

Suggestions for free-time activities provided in preparatory materials.

Featured Expert. Deborah Cole. Deborah Cole is half-Spanish, half-American with a degree in history and geography, specializing in the Middle Ages and Spanish Colonialism. Deborah teaches high school history and geography for the regional government of Andalusia. In her free time, she loves to paint, hike, cycle, yoga and meditate. Deborah Cole View biography. Judy Cotter View biography. Francisco Garcia View biography.

View 19 books. Reconquista - The full story Video. Video The history of the Reconquista was a year medieval journey. A struggle that was not always constant or consistent. The Christian kingdoms of the northern Iberian Peninsula held their ground, clinging to survival. In time, as the initiative shifted and the great Caliphate fell; Asturias, Leon, Castile, Navarre, Aragon, and Portugal would have the chance to press the offensive.

They were hampered along the way by the Almoravids and later the Almohads - and of course fought amongst themselves. This video covers the full history up till the year and the famous Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa. Doves of war: Four women of Spain.

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Much has been written about the Spanish Civil War's effects on Spain and its citizens, but little attention has been paid to the women involved in the conflict. In this beautifully written biographical work, Paul Preston tells the forgotten war stories of four exceptional women whose lives were starkly altered by the war. The portraits in this provocative, yet objective volume mirror the war itself, with the left pitted against the right.

On the left side are Margarita Neken, the revolutionary feminist, writer, and politician; and Nan Green, the communist nurse who left her children behind in England to fight against fascism alongside her husband in the International Brigades.

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On the right side are Mercedes Sanz Bachiller, the most powerful woman in the Francoist zone; and Priscilla Scott-Ellis, the wealthy English socialite who, lured to Spain by love, stayed on to help the fascist war effort as a nurse on the front lines. A day in the Life of Spain. This splendidly illustrated volume in the Day in the Life series and the first to focus on a European country depicts Spain on May 7, , as captured by international photojournalists.

The photographs contrast modern and traditional life: the Iberia Airlines shuttle between Madrid and Barcelona that carries passengers a day; farm laborers and fishermen; topless sunbathers; a punk-rocker; men playing dominoes; the stock exchange; produce markets and coal miners; steelworkers and gypsy children; an assembly line and a subway-turnstile jumper; a bullfighting school and a flamenco dancer; windmills turned into weekend homes.

Among the color and black-and-white photographs, some images are brilliantly artistic, others amusing, moody, throbbing with hustle, charming or solemn, providing a lively close-up of a day in the life of this Iberian land. Ghosts of Spain: Travels through Spain and its silent past. Ghosts of Spain is the fascinating result of that journey. In elegant and passionate prose, Tremlett unveils the tinderbox of disagreements that mark the country today.