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Yes, we do meet in different localities and the administration of the local church may be local, but in fellowship we are united to be one Body universally. On one hand the bread signifies the body of Christ that was broken for us, and on the other, it signifies the one universal Body of Christ. By partaking of the one bread, we all become one bread, one Body in Christ.

One Body and One Spirit, chapter 1

Our joint partaking of the one bread makes us all one. Our partaking of Christ make us all His one Body, for the very Christ of whom we all partake constitutes us into His one Body.

This is a basic principle in our Christian life; when we partake of Christ, we become part of Christ, part of His universal Body to be members functioning for the building up of the Body. Hallelujah, there is one Body in this universe, and we express it here on earth in all the localities where the Lord has placed us. Amen, Lord, as we partake of Your table we testify that we are one with You and with all those who belong to You. Our partaking of the bread and the cup testifies that we are one in Christ. As we enjoy Christ in partaking of His blood and body at His table, we express and practice the fellowship of the Body of Christ, the unique fellowship among the churches Acts ; 1 John , 7; Phil.

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In 1 Cor. How can the Lord carry out His administration on the earth today? It is through His body. We are reminded that we need to eat Him and drink Him so that we may be constituted with Him and become His fullness, His body to express Him corporately. We are one by eating Jesus. We can be holy by eating Jesus. We can shine by eating Jesus.

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We are constituted to be part of the universal Body of Christ by eating and drinking Jesus. Applications are assessed on level and motivation. We will be using three spacious studios, measuring 24 m x 18 m, All participants are responsible for arranging their own housing, but options to explore will be provided by the organisation. As we are operating on a very small team, we will be unable to answer all of your questions individually.

Please make sure to carefully read the information on this page, to find an answer to any question you might have. Find the FAQ page here. Anouk van Dijk is a choreographer, artistic director and the creator of the movement system, Countertechnique.

We Practice the Unique Fellowship of the Universal Body of Christ at the Lord’s Table

For the past seven years she has been the Artistic Director of renowned contemporary dance company Chunky Move in Melbourne, Australia. From early on, she was attracted to choreography and from the late nineties committed herself exclusively to the conception, creation and performance of her own work. The sense of this responsibility toward one another produces wholesome care in all that is done in each place.

But some one may say, this is all very true, and sound doctrine, and in accord with all Scripture, but Christendom is full of divisions and parties, which are not accountable to each other, and in turn abound with persons who are in nowise subject to Scripture or to the Lord. What then are you going to do? Walk apart from them, and, by scriptural teaching and godly labor after the fashion of the apostles, find a fellowship which exists on the principle of the whole Church of God, and practice among themselves what the whole Church should practice.

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